Technical Writing

Technical writing is a critical part of any engineering or technology-centric organization.  Well organized and well written documentation can save significant time, money, and resources.

Having a record of global publishing in academia and professional journals, alongside a solid career filled with hundreds of individually composed technical documents, Stretto has a unique ability to express in semantics the things that engineers and technologists work so hard to express in syntax.

Stretto can become deeply involved in the inner workings of a highly technical system in a way to properly capture the level of detail desired in document form.  Additionally, creating cross-disciplinary documentation that can be disseminated among various levels of technical understanding is a critical way to encourage inter-departmental or inter-disciplinary communication.

Technical writing has included:

  • Scope documentation
  • API documentation
  • Technical marketing/sales documentation
  • Technical use documents
  • Project specifications
  • Journal articles
  • Government grants
  • Executive summaries
  • Project summaries
  • Project justification presentations
  • Systems diagramming
  • Flow modeling
  • Many others