Systems & Team Analysis


Enterprise systems can become overwhelmingly complex and often require an experienced systems analyst to uncover hidden issues or fine-tune performance.  Stretto has experience working with highly complex IT systems and can assist in building for scalability, planning for the future, troubleshooting current issues, or fine-tuning performance.


Beyond hardware, Stretto has a deep understanding of the critical relationship between hardware and the software systems that run atop that hardware.  More importantly, Stretto understands the complexity of systems integration and the communication that takes place between the components of a highly complex system.  This experience provides our clients with a unique ability to see complex issues from both a macro as well as micro viewpoint.


Stretto consultants understand that systems include not just hardware and software, but people as well.  In fact, we are often called in to a team environment purely to analyze and uncover issues related to team dynamics.  In particular, when there are breakdowns in communication, priorities, or goals between departments or disciplines, Stretto can bring a new perspective, understanding, and customized strategy to provide direction and progress.