Innovative Technology Leadership

Building innovative technologies is not an easy task and often runs against the grain of existing business operations.  Stretto has been involved in the successful development and launch of many innovative technology projects and can assist both in high level project consultation or hands-on, day-to-day project management to ensure that your innovations projects have success.

Stretto has been trained and educated in the latest techniques and research involving innovations development.  Additionally, with a deep understanding and appreciation for the complexities of team dynamics and communication, Stretto can assist in setting up a team for success.

A critical aspect of technology leadership is team development.  Stretto has a unique speciality in working with technology and engineering teams that need to interact across departments or that work in a matrixed environment.  Stretto can analyze the dynamics of a given team as well as the complex inter-unit relationships that affect the success of a team to create a winning solution – a solution that can help your team focus on the real goals at hand by minimizing the distractions and stumbling blocks that often confront highly focused, skilled engineering/technology teams.