Outsourced CTO

Jeremiah Jones

In many circumstances, both small and medium-sized businesses find it advantageous to temporarily or semi-permanently outsource their CTO position (Chief Technology Officer).

Whether you may find yourself contemplating the growth of your internal technologies, replacing a previous technology executive, or simply guiding a small technology team and do not want to incur the burden of a full-time position, outsourcing the CTO position can be an excellent solution to consider.

Stretto’s outsourced/interim CTOs allow business owners, executives, managers and board members to focus on corporate vision and strategic initiatives while relying on expert technology and business expertise.  Our outsourced technology officers have a minimum of 10 years experience with technology, including technology management, a Master’s in a specialized technical field, as well as an MBA.

Additionally, when special needs arise, our technology officers have access to an unprecedented network of peer-based, expert knowledge to draw upon.  This means that your firm will not only have access to your primary outsourced officer, but all of stretto’s other experts and technology specialists.

If you would like to learn more about outsourcing your technology leadership and/or your technology development, please contact us today.